Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Car That Found a Friend By Robby B. Grade 2

“Humm. Buzz. Humm. Buzz.” As my parts were being built, I felt red-hot steam and smelled smoke. After I cooled, I was dropped in parts into plastic bags, which were then dropped into a box and sealed. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything at all. It was scary, and I was lonely. I could feel my pieces banging into each other. “They’re all done. Put them in the truck.” I heard someone say.

After a long drive, I was shoved out of the shipping truck. I must have been in a store because I heard a woman’s voice say, “Put the Legos over here by the ‘sale’ sign.”

After what I thought was a couple of months, I felt myself being picked up and carried someplace. “That will be $16.03. Do you want that to be gift wrapped?”


After a couple of minutes, I heard, “Daniel, please get in the car.”

“When’s the party, Mom?”

“Tomorrow at 12:00.”

“Yea! I can’t wait for Robby’s party!”

“I can’t wait too!” I thought. By tomorrow afternoon I could be opened and played with, and maybe Robby will be my friend.

The next morning I was yanked up from my spot. “Today is the party! Today is the party!” I heard. I rushed, I mean whoever was carrying me rushed down stairs. He brought me out into the cold winter’s day. Then I heard an engine start.

Next, I heard basketballs dribbling on a hardwood floor and lots of boys’ voices.

“Nice try, Robby!”

“Zack, you made it!”

Then someone placed me on a table with a thud. After awhile I heard, “Open mine next!” I felt someone tearing into me.

“Thanks Daniel!” This Lego set is awesome!”

“He likes me!” I thought. Later that day, my box was opened and I was in the light again. My parts were taken out and spilled on a tray. Robby started building me. After awhile I was a complete racecar! I felt fantastic, and Robby felt fantastic too. Robby played with me for hours. I finally found a friend.