Friday, June 13, 2008

The Magical Harp By Avery K. Age 8

One day a young man named Charles Bonnet was walking his dog in a wood filled with thick green rustling leaves. They heard the wind howl and at the same time birds were chirping. They spotted a golden harp sitting on a dull rock. They starred and wondered where it came from. Amazed at its beauty they walked toward the river, which smelled fresh like newly fallen dew. They looked into the water and wondered if the harp came from a mermaid, or if it just drifted from someplace and landed on the rock. They wanted to get across and see it closer. So they stepped gently onto the slippery rocks. These rocks were particularly rough and seemed partly hollow. The dog thought he saw a rock moving, but Charles knew it was just a turtle. Charles jumped to the closest rock, then he fell into the water with a splash and hit his head on a large rock. Thump! His dog, Coacoa was a very small dog, but he was just the right size to chomp onto Charles’ shirt and pull him to safety. The dog pulled Charles to the rock with the harp, and lifted his head above the water. He placed it comfortably near the harp. When Charles was able to breathe again, he said softly, “Thank you.”

Suddenly, the dog jumped into the river in surprise because the harp magically started strumming a beautiful melody. It started to play because the wonderful fairy Lulu lived within the harp, and when she dusted the inner sides of the instrument, it began to play. The music filled the air with the smells of flowers. The flowers reminded Charles of the first day of spring this year. The flowers don’t smell sweet they smell a little strong. Like all the plants sprouting up.

When Charles and dog where safely on the rock they studied the harp. Charles was curious and wanted to play the harp. When he was about to play he felt a deep rush of anger. He had it because he thought he was foolish to try to jump so far. When he finally reached out for the strings, that were thick and bumpy, there was no sound.

“It’s not making any noise Coacoa.” said Charles in surprise.

“Well it can’t” said an old lady from the bushes. When she came out she stared Charles.

“Is that you?” asked the lady. “Is your name Charles Bonnet?” asked the lady a little louder.

“Yes.” said Charles.

“I am Olivia Bonnet.” said Olivia. “I am your mother.” said Olivia slowly.

Charles noticed the strong shampoo in her hair that she had always washed it with, and knew it was her. They had been separated by a terrible flood. Charles had been just 5 years old, and was playing outside. It had started raining while Charles was walking slowly up the stairs. It started to rain harder and harder. He remembered the sounds of plop, plop, plop, thu, thum, thump, thump, and the air smelled damp. When the rain was finally up to his shoulders he began to float away. He was a strong swimmer but he wasn’t strong enough.

After Charles remembered their separation, He and Olivia burst into their happiest tears, and held onto each other as tightly as they could. Charles felt his mother’s cozy, wrinkled sweater and felt comforted.

“I remember you playing the harp when I was young. Why can’t I play it?” ask Charles.

“I guess you where mad. It’s filled with magic, and you can only play it when you are filled with joy.” said Olivia, “and now that you are, play it!” said Olivia calmly. And so he did!
The End
May 3, 2008