Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ALGOL'S BIG DAY By Yusuf R. Age 6

Once upon a time there was a family that owned a dinosaur. The family has one boy and one girl. The boy is 14, his name is Mahad. The girl is Maryam, and she is 8. Their Dad is Mansoor and their mom is Tazeen. The dinosaurs name is Algol. They got him from the Field Museum. He came home with them by walking giant steps behind their car. Bam! Bam! Algol is a brown stegosaurus. He has smooth skin, he is 26 years old, and he is thin.

His best friend is Mahad because they find food together, from the jungle and from a store called Meijer. One day mom was cooking dinner. She forgot the ingredients so she went to the store to buy them. Accidentally she forgot to turn off the stove! And the children didn't dare touch the stove and Algol didn’t touch it because he might do something wrong.

When the mother came back with the ingredients the house was on fire. Swoosh! Swoosh! the fire spread. The dinosaur was sleeping in the yard and so were the kids. They heard the Swoosh and they felt the hotness of the fire and they saw the red fire. They wanted to wake up Algol to blow the fire away but it was too late. The fire already touched the grass and came on to Algol.
Algol screamed "Ouch" and jumped up at the same time. Then he saw the house on fire. Then he said to the family "I’ll blow the fire away."

The family said "OK". He blew the fire out with his mouth. Fooooo!

He said to the family, come on my hand and then he blew on them so they felt cool. And then he blew so hard they began flying. They were going to fall so Algol caught them on his back but not on his spikes.

Then they all felt cool on the grass because the dinosaur had watered the grass before they landed on it. They landed with a soft thud.

Then they said thank you to Algol and went to a forest in the woods where they roasted yummy marshmallows and ate them.