Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Peculiar Vacation By Zahra G. ( First Story)

One day my mother told me we were going to Mexico. ‘We are leaving there in three days,’ she said. It was going to be just her and I. I was delighted because I’ve always wanted to go there. The next morning we started packing for our trip and we did more of it the day after that.

The day night before we were leaving I had to get a good night sleep because we had to wake up at 6:oo a.m. The next day we went to the airport and waited at the gates for about 2 hours. After that we finally went in the airplane.

It took four hours to get to Mexico. First we went to a hotel called Grand Marine. Our Room was awesome and overlooked the sea! The room number was 204. We went to a beach and while I was collecting some seashells I found a red ruby diamond. I quickly put it in my sack and didn’t know if I should tell my mom.

We ate lunch at Sam & Harry’s but my mom finished quicker and left. I sat there finishing my fish and by then I'd forgotten my room number. I just knew it was 20 something. It was at that moment, that I passed this awkward looking man who asked another man, "Did you find the red ruby?"

“No,”the other man replied.

I think my room number was 208. I put the card in the slot & it opened. But when I took one step forward , I realized that it was the wrong room. Then I heard the same men in the hallway.

"How come you didn’t find the red ruby?" said one.

“It wasn’t there,”the other replied.

"Wait !" I said to myself. "I have the ruby!" I slowly tried to get out of the wrong room but the man caught me.

“Well what have we here? Who are you?” he said.

"I’m Zahra” I told him but couldn't imagine I was dumb. I thought I shouldn’t have told him my name.”

"Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Carl,”he said.

I quickly left before he could ask anything else . As I passed it, I suddenly remembered the room number! It’s 204. When I went in the room my mom asked, "What took you so long?” .

“I had to finish my nachos," I said with guilt.

When we went to sleep all these questions were in my head. “Why do they want the ruby so bad”? “Why did I pick the ruby up”?

The next morning , I just couldn’t take it anymore. I called the police & they rushed over. I opened the thieves door and told the police the whole story.

The police said to the men, “You are under arrest.”

I gave the police the ruby . “Wait a minute ,these guys are on the ten most wanted list”. “That means you get $1,000!” I was filled with joy.

All through this, my mom stayed clueless and didn’t know a thing that happened . THAT’S WHAT I CALL A PECULIAR VACATION!