Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Model Super Hero By Azhar G. ( first story)

There once was family of superheroes. Parents, Greg and Kathy Wayne, had only one child. They named hin Matthew after his great grandfather. Matthew Wayne A.K.A. The Viper, the greatest superhero on earth.

Greg and Kathy were also great superhroes. Greg Wayne was Mega Man and had super strength as well as the ability to fly. Kathy Wayne was Lightening - Woman. She had super speed and the ability to move things. She was also able to hold onto a force field.

Matthew had just turned thirteen and was hoping to get his powers. After all every super hero got their super powers at about that age. He couldn’t wait. He had already made his costume. One sunny afternoon as Mathew was walking along the sidewalk, to the park he saw a garbage can overflowed with garbage. The smell reminded him of his old friend Roger’s dog. But Roger had moved years ago.

Matthew thought to himself ‘What should I do about this?’. He went straight to City Hall to inform the mayor about the pollution. But sadly the mayor turned him down . Matthew couldn’t just stand there., he had to do something about this.

Matthew went back home to tell his parents about this. His father told him that he should do something about it. His mother agreed. Matthew went back to the park to clean up the mess. Matthew thought to himself, ‘This isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, because I still don’t have my powers’. But that didn’t stop him from cleaning the mess from the park. Matthew even called the janitor of his school to help him. Together they cleaned up the whole park.

Over time, Matthew learned that you don’t need to have powers to be a hero. You can be a hero just by cleaning the enviroment.

Matthew grew up , got married and had kids but he never got his powers. But he was powerful in his own little way and would live on to influence people and their lives.