Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lost in the Woods By Huma Fatima N..(first story)

Once upon a time, I was wandering through some very dark and spooky woods, searching for my best friend, Jill. It had all started when Jack, her brother, scared Jill away when he popped out of the closet very quickly to scare her. He knew that Jill was a very sensitive person but he did it anyways. Since this wasn't the first time he had scared her, she overreacted and ran away from our village. I went running after Jill because I didn't want her to get lost…..unfortunately, I couldn’t find her!

All of a sudden, with a whoosh and a swish horses came galloping at me. I fled for my life! Where had they suddenly appeared from? I thought, feeling as if my heart would jump out of y skin. I had loved horses since I was a little girl, but the horde had startled me by appearing out of nowhere. Suddenly, my curiousity won the upper hand over fear and I wanted to see where these quick and fast horses were headed. to. I hoped they were headed for Beanville, my village, or else I would be stranded. I didn't want them to run away from me, so I followed them sleathily hoping that they would not see me, a small child who was lost. I was very tired, and my eyes drooped. * * *

At the crack of dawn, the horses stopped galloping and I too had become tired and sleepy. The run had lasted a very enormous period of time, much longer than I had thought it did. Before long, I was asleep by a tree.

When I awoke, I was frightened and sad because Beanville wasn't even on the horizon. Weary from running, I decided I would just get on the horses, insteaded of chasing them. I jumped up on one of them.

I think I passed out again because when I awoke from my slumber, I was completely unaware of which town I was in. When I looked up, I saw a great, big castle made of candy and chocolate! Marshmallows, Jollyranchers, Twizlers, Hersheys, Sour Straws, frosting (which stuck the candy together) and many other different kinds of candies and chocolates!! But I warned myself that those delicious candies had to be ignored until I knew who lived in there! That curiosity of mine I know one day would really damage my diminutive brain!

As my curiosity and the horses led me to the left wing of the candy castle, I spotted three odd looking doors. I was hoping Jill would be there. I desperately wanted her to come back home!

The first door led to the horses’ room where small, medium, and big sized horses lived. I saw a lot of grass and hay in that room too! It smelled putrid! The horse that had me on his soft, fluffy back dropped me gently and all of the horses went inside that monstrous sized room. Jill wasn't there though.

When I forced an entrance at the second strange door, I found the runaway Gingerbread Man and his girlfriend having breakfast together. They were eating candy and the whole room was made out of gingerbread! I was very surprised to see them here and noticed that they were very embarrassed to be seen by me, so I said sorry, closed the door, and went to the third door. I shook my head sadly. Jill hadn't been in there either.

The third and last door I saw was painted with beautiful, prettye Blue Jays, chirping above two crowns. That looked really creative! What was more, I heard ballroom music from the inside of the room. I opened the door very slowly and who should I see but Snow White and the Prince dancing in the ballroom! This time I knew I had to ask why they, the royal couple, were living here and if Jill was near by.
* * *
It turned out that the prince had ordered the castle to be made when he was addicted to candy, at the age of 10. They would live in it until all of it was devoured. Snow White and the Prince also welcomed runaway creatures, such as the horses, to live with him because he needed help eating the castle, before the candy rotted away or spoiled. The horses had run away from their owners because they had wanted a free life. They were coming back from getting some exercise after a heavy meal, when I happened to take a ride. Snow White also told me that Jill was living in the right wing! She told me that she had found Jill wandering around hopelessly while she, Snow White, had been out looking for berries. Snow White had brought Jill back with her to the castle.

I had to meet her! My best friend was really happy to see me as I was to see her and we hugged each other. She also thanked me profusely for having made such an effort to bring her home. Afterall, she said, she'd worried about never seeing home again. After my joyful meeting with my best bud, I asked Snow White to show me the directions to Beanville, our hometown. She gave Jill and I huge pieces of her candy castle and sent a horse to bring us home! We had the most enjoyable ride home and what it made it all the more special was that my best friend was returning with me !!

That adventure was the most best experience of my life! I would never forget it!